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[August 16] Tribute to Austin Justin – Sector @kinggeneralsec1 @awativi



Life seem too short as we announce the passing of a young talent “Austin Justin” Just a few weeks after we published a video to his featured rap banger titled: Priority.

UndergroundKingz releases a tribute song from their honcho “Sector” doing – August 16 for the late colleague and brother.

The industry will miss you a great deal.



Insight to 5 Celebrity Kid Stars Presently Disturbing Nationwide (PHOTOS)



Ify Ufele Chubii who is only 10, is a fashion designer by trade. She is Egyptian-Nigerian by nationality. She was listed in Teen Vogue’s Under 21 List which was sponsored by Secret Magazine.

1a2 copy.jpg

Edwards who was born on March 18, 2005, Edwards started playing tennis at age four under the guidance of her father, Eddy Edwards

She emerged third at the 2016 ITF/CAT 12 & Under Talent Identification Programme in Morocco. Marylove was born March 18, 2005. Now she is 11years Old.


Internet sensation Emmanuella is the most popular millennial on this list. The comedian was born in 2010. She is a comedian by profession and is Only 6years Old.

To her credit, the has several funny videos on Youtube and made the notion “This is not my real face”.


DJ Young Money is mere 9 years old, born in 2007.

The young DJ has been credited with several performance on the streets and according to words on the streets, he performed at Bola Tinubu’s 64th birthday party.


Music sensation Amarachi Uyanne burst into limelight with her self titled Single Amarachi Dance which got airplay on TV stations nationwide.

Amarachi was born July 17th 2004 (12years) and also doubles as a dancer.

More Coming Soon on this Channel….


CheckOut Exclusive Artiste Interview: With – AL’CHADDAS (The Insight) @awativi @itzgiftedmouth


intvw copy.jpg

AWATIVI present an exclusive V-interview with the rap legend, Multiple award winner which includes ‘ Rookie of the year at LAGOS UPRISING AWARDS.

We give you, hit maker of CASTLE WALLS, GRADUATION, NA WE DEY HERE and many more. its no other but AL’CHADDAS


HOST: Its nice to have you here.
@alchaddas: Thank you, its my pleasure and am highly honored.
HOST: tell us more about yourself.
@alchaddas: My name is alfred “alchaddas” ogbonna. Last of 5 children to mr and bar. mrs ogbonna chigbundu, in a small town in plateau state. I make and produce music, a graduate from university of jos and a graphic designer. I am not too old and not too young.

HOST: when did u discover your musical talent?

@alchaddas: it was after secondary school though i cant remember when exactly.
HOST: so what are your achievements so far in the industry, any big collaborations etc.
@alchaddas:  mehn!!! my achievements so far? I cant really put a number. But i know they are much. I’ve featured many great talents like: verbz, solid star, yung L, terry tha rapman, magnito, cloud 9ne, barry mayne and a host of others.
HOST: wow that’s a great achievement good job.
@alchaddas: Thank you
HOST:  so what do u have install for your fans and the world out there.
@alchaddas: i cant let my right hand know what my left hand is doing, a lot though.
HOST: wow really that means something big is coming down pretty soon.
@alchaddas: yes
HOST: Don’t forget to give us a heads up before it goes down.
@alchaddas: I sure will when the right time comes.
HOST: were do you get your inspiration from, all those dope punchlines, nice hooks etc how do you make all that up.
@alchaddas: its funny but sincerely its from being broke.
HOST: that’s its wow that’s different I like that.
@alchaddas: Thank you
HOST: so when should we be expecting an album lunch.
@alchaddas: as I said earlier i cant let my right hand know what my left hand is doing.
HOST: still keeping us in the dark. getting your plans ready. well don’t forget my heads up before any thing goes down.
@alchaddas: I will definitely do that when the time comes.
HOST: what do u really want your fans and the world to know about you, your vision towards the industry.
@alchaddas: i will be the greatest one day and they should continue to believe in me as I do in them.
HOST: you have been a source of encouragement to many with your songs lyrics, what do you have to tell them (your fans and the world).
@alchaddas: we got there baybie. We didn’t quit. They shouldn’t quit because with believe and hard work success will be your middle name.
HOST: we know you as a legend in the making, so drop us some of those dope bars before you sign out…
@alchaddas: Life na Akamu… Anything go fit pap.
HOST: that’s nice and dope it was nice having you alchaddas
@alchaddas: it was my pleasure, Big Shout Outs to Awativi Crew, am honoured and  I seriously believe in you guys. Its important to start but most important not to stop. Keep doing the good work.
Thank one once more AWATIVI. One Love