Awativi Lite interview with T.R (terry tha rapman) @iamlord_TR


Awativi Lite verbal interview with.T.R  (terry tha rapman) a rap legend @botynigeria #battle of the year 2016

HOST  I didn’t know you love dance because your presence here has trill the crowd.
TR :  I love dance back in those days I use to dance in secondary school I had a crew also J brothers that’s before I began music.

HOST wow that’s great so I guess you will trill the crowd today @botynigeria battle of the year with some powerful dance skills.
TR :  Ofcouse I will.

HOST so do you have any crew in mind that your looking forward for there performance and to win.

TR :  well not really but let the best dance crew win am here to have fun and be entertained with great dance skills.
HOST you watch the dance show case which crew marvel you.

TR :  mehn all the crew were awesome I can’t judge really.

HOST wow that’s fair enough so what about music you left the scene for like 5 years now what should we be expecting.

TR :  I just went on a break but am back now and be expecting a lot from me.         HOST  wow that’s great don’t forget to give awativi heads up when the time comes.

TR :  I sure will..

HOST say something to your fans out there, upcoming artistes.
TR  :  Everything has been a process to progress. There are always struggles, especially as a rapper in Nigeria where hip hop used to take the back seat in the entertainment industry. But its changing now so we are happy we pioneered it and are still here. So keep doing your thing and keep it real and tight and you will reach the big spot light.

TR : am honored being interviewed by you guys and I believe you’re doing a great job. thank you.

HOST thank you also T.R for sparing us your time.

TR  we are all in this together.