CheckOut Exclusive Artiste Interview: With – AL’CHADDAS (The Insight) @awativi @itzgiftedmouth


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AWATIVI present an exclusive V-interview with the rap legend, Multiple award winner which includes ‘ Rookie of the year at LAGOS UPRISING AWARDS.

We give you, hit maker of CASTLE WALLS, GRADUATION, NA WE DEY HERE and many more. its no other but AL’CHADDAS


HOST: Its nice to have you here.
@alchaddas: Thank you, its my pleasure and am highly honored.
HOST: tell us more about yourself.
@alchaddas: My name is alfred “alchaddas” ogbonna. Last of 5 children to mr and bar. mrs ogbonna chigbundu, in a small town in plateau state. I make and produce music, a graduate from university of jos and a graphic designer. I am not too old and not too young.

HOST: when did u discover your musical talent?

@alchaddas: it was after secondary school though i cant remember when exactly.
HOST: so what are your achievements so far in the industry, any big collaborations etc.
@alchaddas:  mehn!!! my achievements so far? I cant really put a number. But i know they are much. I’ve featured many great talents like: verbz, solid star, yung L, terry tha rapman, magnito, cloud 9ne, barry mayne and a host of others.
HOST: wow that’s a great achievement good job.
@alchaddas: Thank you
HOST:  so what do u have install for your fans and the world out there.
@alchaddas: i cant let my right hand know what my left hand is doing, a lot though.
HOST: wow really that means something big is coming down pretty soon.
@alchaddas: yes
HOST: Don’t forget to give us a heads up before it goes down.
@alchaddas: I sure will when the right time comes.
HOST: were do you get your inspiration from, all those dope punchlines, nice hooks etc how do you make all that up.
@alchaddas: its funny but sincerely its from being broke.
HOST: that’s its wow that’s different I like that.
@alchaddas: Thank you
HOST: so when should we be expecting an album lunch.
@alchaddas: as I said earlier i cant let my right hand know what my left hand is doing.
HOST: still keeping us in the dark. getting your plans ready. well don’t forget my heads up before any thing goes down.
@alchaddas: I will definitely do that when the time comes.
HOST: what do u really want your fans and the world to know about you, your vision towards the industry.
@alchaddas: i will be the greatest one day and they should continue to believe in me as I do in them.
HOST: you have been a source of encouragement to many with your songs lyrics, what do you have to tell them (your fans and the world).
@alchaddas: we got there baybie. We didn’t quit. They shouldn’t quit because with believe and hard work success will be your middle name.
HOST: we know you as a legend in the making, so drop us some of those dope bars before you sign out…
@alchaddas: Life na Akamu… Anything go fit pap.
HOST: that’s nice and dope it was nice having you alchaddas
@alchaddas: it was my pleasure, Big Shout Outs to Awativi Crew, am honoured and  I seriously believe in you guys. Its important to start but most important not to stop. Keep doing the good work.
Thank one once more AWATIVI. One Love